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The main objective of rail service planning is to produce optimal plans to operate train services. Public demand, in terms of passenger as well as freight, is expected to be met while ensuring good service level and gross profit. We briefly discuss the four main steps of rail service planning here. It is important to understand that the output of a preliminary step is carried forward as the input to the next problem in line, which makes rail service planning a complex recursive problem. If and when you encounter an unresolvable conflict, one must trace back to earlier steps to make necessary adjustments.

Rail Service Planning

The first and foremost step towards Rail Service Planning is generation of a robust timetable.


The resulting timetable should not only be feasible but also address many other additional requirements like:

1. Commercial requirements of passenger and freight traffic like service quality, punctuality, dwell time, connections, etc  

2. Capacity constraints due to rolling stock and network infrastructure

3. Security issues in cases of multiple operators or cross border trips

4. Maintenance activities of the network

The railway is a vital part of a public transport network and makes a substantial contribution to the economy of a country. It is a vital economic asset which requires substantial and continual investment. Effective rail operations are a result of efficient management of infrastructure resources like track and signalling system and services like robust timetabling, rolling stock and crew scheduling. Often due to unplanned infrastructure development, railway operators are unable to utilize the full potential of their investment.

Joint Infrastructure & Service Planning

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Rail Service Planning

At JETconnect, we have the expertise to not only modify existing schedules for achieving better operational efficiency but also to create an effective rail service plan from scratch. Respecting budget constraints of all kinds, we can tackle these challenges either through sophisticated software or even manually. True to its promise, JETconnect aims at helping railway professionals with diversified needs.

Joint Infra-Service Planning

At JETconnect, we advise you to plan your infrastructure and services hand in hand for smooth business experience. We have the skills to create station and track layouts which are important factors for efficient service planning in the operational stages and future scalability. Owing to the low flexibility and high cost of the infrastructure, it is important that you design your network carefully.

Apart from infrastructure and service planning, the know-how to run rail business is essential. Unfortunately, more often than not, railway businesses fail to achieve the expected target profit values. At JETconnect we help you take some of the most important decisions in order to run your business profitably while providing a great customer experience.

Operational & Management Expertise

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Pricing strategy is one of the most important keys to the success of a business. It is a strategic tool that can make or break your company by influencing customers’ behaviour and future opportunities.

At JETconnect, we do a thorough analysis of current investment, market, existing price competition, customer needs, etc in order to help you take optimal pricing decisions. The pricing policy aims at allowing the enterprise to gain profits, undertake new investments and develop dynamically.

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