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About JETconnect

Owing to the conservative work culture of the Japanese companies, Eiki Shigeta, the founder of Jet Connect, felt the need to use his expertise and years of experience to help railway companies across the globe. As a result, Jet Connect was born in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The idea was to use this company as a platform to bridge the gap between technologically advanced countries with the state-of-the-art rail transport system and developing countries with struggling rail networks.

At Jet Connect, we aim to help you take better decisions in order to get operational efficiency and long-term sustainability. We provide innovative solutions to the daunting challenges hampering the growth of your company. We can help you to establish worldwide business relationships and expand your business overseas. We use our years of experience in pioneer Japanese railway companies and a strong network of affiliations across the globe to cater to all needs. You can be a small-scale company looking for cost-effective methods to grow your business or a large-scale organization trying to optimize your existing network and operations, we have solutions for all.


An expensive solution is not necessarily always the best. Especially when dealing with mega projects like Railways, cost often skyrockets accompanied by delayed deadlines. For the best solution should be effective not only functionally but also financially.

At JETconnect we have the core competence and skills to handle complex project management problems and provide excellent management consulting.

Eiki Shigeta, Founder & Director

Our Clients and Partners

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